The Best Alloy Wheel Cleaning Products 2019

Over time, wheels and tyres collect a layer of dust that most car washes can’t access. As you know, alloy wheels really sets a car aside, so you’re going to want to look after them to keep that pristine look to your ride.

We know that dirty alloy wheels are a pet hate for the majority of our customers. This is why we have put together a guide to the top alloy wheel cleaners that you can buy online or instore today!

How To Clean Your Alloy Wheels?

Cleaning your alloy wheels might sound like an obvious task; however, it is very easy to scratch or damage them. Firstly, before you start, it is imperative that the alloys are cool to touch as the products should not be applied to hot wheels.

Next, give your alloys a rinse with a hose or bucket of water. Once rinsed and the water has stopped dripping off of the wheel spray the alloy wheel cleaner generously. Leave the cleaner to settle in for 5 minutes (read instructions on the bottle as certain cleaners may need longer). 

Typically the cleaner will change colour from clear/white to red/purple. After the cleaner has been left for the appropriate time, use a wheel brush and gently rub the liquid into the wheel surface.  

Lastly, rinse the wheel thoroughly with a hose or bucket again. For the best finish, we would recommend using a pressure washer. If any stains remain, this process will need to be repeated.

Demon Wheels Alloy Wheel Cleaner

The demon wheel cleaner is very popular as it has an active foam formula and that removes baked-on brake dust, road grime and car oil. It can be used on chrome, plastic and aluminium wheels. 

This product is available to buy from Halfords for £8.60. Click here to buy now!

Auto Wheel Alloy Cleaner

The Auto Wheel Alloy Cleaner has a non-acid and non-alkaline formula, which makes the product safe to use on all types of alloy wheels. The product was one of the first pH neutral cleaners on the market and provides a consistently strong finish.

The strong odour that emanates (despite the attempt at masking with a fruity scent) is only proof that this is an effective product. It is a common downside of products that leave a perfect clean.

This product is available to buy from Amazon for £14. Click here to buy now!

Wonder Wheels Colour Active Wheel Cleaner

This Wonder Wheel Alloy Active Wheel Cleaner has an acid-free solution which allows a strong clean on more delicate alloy wheels, such as delicate chrome and anodised wheels. Like the other alloy wheel cleaners, it does have an unpleasant smell so make sure you apply it outdoors.

This product is available to buy from Wilkinsons for £5. Click here to buy now!