Why become an LMR Alloy Wheel Stockist?

Alloys, as you well know, supply the injected thrill, enhanced handling, and unrivalled styling to a car. If you are visiting our site, it might be that you are a business looking to optimise your stock provisions. Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

LMR is a branch under the TUX Auto umbrella. Our products are the outcome of state-of-the-art technology and meticulous, innovative ambition. We are competitive in the industry for offering astonishingly unique and individualised car customisation possibilities. We are unparalleled in our support both to customers and stockists alike.

In this post, LMR delivers all the reasons why working with us to become a stockist of our merchandise is a great opportunity for your enterprise. From enhancing your stock to the behind-the-scenes benefits, you will find becoming a stockist with us is effortless and an incredibly positive commercial move. 

Alloys Standing Out From The Crowd

You might have perused our websites, and gauged a pretty strong impression that our products are a step beyond the rest in the world of aftermarket customisation. And it would be safe to say- you have reached the right conclusion! 

We provide the results born from comprehensive and committed design and detail. LMR’s alloys have been cast from the most advanced manufacturing procedures in the field. Meanwhile, the TUX Auto Armytrix exhaust system delivers the exhilaration that’s become absent in driving experiences. 

We regard our LMR alloys to be a custom luxury. They embody the sleekness and gleamed excellence that every car deserves. As a stockist, you would welcome your customers an option of merchandise that represents unmatched vigour. Because our stock is so fine-tuned, your customers are unlikely to feel overwhelmed by abundance, but confident in quality. 

We chose to focus our attention on the fruits of our labour. We settled on simple, and remarkably effective. For example, our fine-tuned stock limits colour customisation to three selections we believe serve to accentuate the wheel. Through our passion for alloys, we conceived exclusivity. As an LMR alloy wheel stockist, you are inviting your customers to relish this outcome.  

Boosting Your Auto Business

TUX Auto stands out from other brands, and we have worked diligently to make this happen. We want all our stockists to enjoy the convenience, practicality and energy that we have constructed. Here are the ways that we have made working with us streamlined, straight-forward, and special;

Bespoke Ordering System Online

What more convenient way to independently regulate your stock levels than through our online stock checker and ordering system? The beauty is of course that you may do this entirely at your own pace. 

We know the importance of being in control and getting what you need without dealing with the rigmarole of the middle-man. We like things being direct and to the point. Simply order what you need and we will aim to have it with you in no time. In fact, you can take advantage of…

Our Next-Day Delivery Service

Fulfilling your customers’ desires should be your highest priority. As such, we strive for next-day delivery on orders made before 15:30 pm. Again, this is an attribute that really sets us apart from the other brands you could be tempted to work with.

Prices To Feel Smug About 

LMR under the TUX Auto group is a huge competitor in the industry. We extend the benefits we produce to our affiliates as we believe you should get a taste of the competition. Therefore, our prices have been generated to carve you an edge in your market! 

Business Promotion

As an extension, once becoming a fully-fledged LMR/TUX Auto dealer (depending on how excited you are by our brand!), we convey our appreciation by raising awareness surrounding your company via our social platforms. 

This exposure can only serve to revitalise and expand your message and guide your audience to you. We are a forward-thinking and distinguished brand, and we certainly stay on top of the moving times. Our social presence is yet another example of why we are the perfect people to work with. 

Becoming A Stockist; The Process

This couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is click here, and complete the designated contact form! We will then get in touch with you as soon as possible. Once you’re on board you’ll soon be basking in the wealth of opportunity becoming a stockist entails. Rest assured that you will be working with one of the best alloy brands out there, and with ultimate efficiency! 

Alternatively, if you’re looking at becoming fully immersed in the TUX Auto brand, click here to become a stockist to this level. As well as alloys, you open your stock up to all the crème de la crème products involved in aftermarket car modifications.